The future of VR: Prospects and potential

A few years ago, almost no one could have foreseen such a rapid development of virtual reality technology and the rapid growth of this industry. The active phase of development began with the launch of startup fundraising. The company undertook the development and creation of a modern headset for full immersion.

The company was successful after the launch of the prototype at the world famous exhibition. Leading developers of games and applications for computers supported the new development. This stage was a real breakthrough in virtual reality. Well-known developers described the novelty positively.

Scope of VR usage

Virtual reality is a completely new sphere. Technologies in this sphere are actively improving along with content. Reliable and multifunctional helmet is simply useless if there is no appropriate content that the user can look at and interact with. Content plays an important role and a lot of attention is paid to its creation.

To date, it is possible to identify key areas of BP development


The entertainment and gaming industry for computers is always following modern trends and taking breakthrough directions. That’s why this VR industry is well developed today and full of big investments. Well-known developers have long been involved in the development of games for the appropriate headsets.

Of course, to achieve the result of the industry of ordinary games at the moment is impossible. However, the industry is actively developing and attracts a lot of money, companies, smart and talented people. It is safe to say that VR technology is waiting for a bright future and rapid development.


In VR format the film industry is actively developing, it has all chances to become not just a separate niche in the market, but also a full-fledged area of art. However, the attitude to such films is ambiguous – some are enthusiastic about the new technology, others are very skeptical.

Given the ambiguous sentiments, companies are cautiously investing in this industry. Development is mainly driven by enthusiasts. Perhaps this is the initial stage in the formation of a completely new art. It is possible that after some time this industry will become more independent and highly profitable, for example, like ordinary cinema.


The historic deal was the purchase of Oculus VR by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, for $2 billion. This is evidence that the introduction of VR into social media is inevitable. Developers have combined knowledge and skills to create a leading VR technology platform.

This change has benefited the company and things have improved significantly. The giant’s resources allowed the project to enter the commercial market and organize production, production of Oculus Rift headset. A contract was signed with another well-known company (Samsung) to manufacture helmets. At the same time, the social network is actively introducing a unique technology into its own platform.


VR is actively used in trade, sale and purchase of real estate. It is used for virtual inspections of houses and apartments, for designing new buildings and designs. The moderate cost and availability of the technology has enabled realtors and retailers to implement the technology.

The successful implementation of VR is the well-known iStaging startup. The developers have released to the market a unique application for modern mobile phones. It allows users to shoot video in VR format and save it in a headset. That is, you can create the most realistic presentation of an apartment. It can be viewed by any buyer, regardless of location.


Sales of software for education are reported to be $700 million by 2025. As for medicine, the device market will reach about $5.1 billion. Unfortunately, in most countries active development in medicine and education is impossible due to imperfect legislation and improper regulation by the state.

If we talk about other countries, we will not be able to develop the medical and educational market.


VR technology is represented in the industry by a variety of tools for training employees, to help architects in creating projects. One of the most important collaborations in this area is between Autodesk (a major software manufacturer in design, construction) and Oculus VR to develop specific tools. Some startups are engaged in solutions even for companies in the oil and gas sector.

According to statistics, 40% of the total volume are aircraft simulators. They are full-size versions of cockpits with mechanics and electronics that cannot be created with VR. If we talk about the developers, one of the most famous is Intelligent Decisions. It is engaged in manufacturing and maintenance of unique military DSTS training complexes for the U.S. Army.


VR can change any existing industry – it’s only a matter of time. The unique technology will change the training, testing methods of modern gadgets and technology. For example, today astronauts are fully tested on the VR model of the Space Station. After some time, children will be able to learn and learn new things with the help of VR helmets.

The last few years have been the most successful ones for the development and establishment of the virtual reality industry. A lot of cool events, release of new products, creation of large-scale parks with entertainment.

Unique technology has a strong impact on storage, processing of information. Video is considered one of the fastest growing types of data. Many companies are actively working in this direction.
A really important and exciting application scenario for VR is medicine.

With its help, the surgeon can reproduce its course immediately before a complex operation using an artificially created model. This will allow the doctor to see and get acquainted with the most realistic picture, learn the possible consequences of a particular action. In this way, VR is able to prevent errors and save lives.