What’s the difference between AR, VR and MR?

Virtual reality is the process of immersion into electronic reality. Impressive special effects caused by technological devices penetrate not only into the world of games, but also into the world of business, especially trade, new product development.

The largest companies invest billions of dollars in this technology. Thus, the founder of Facebook recently admitted that over the next decade, his company will spend $ 3 billion to develop solutions using VR.

Existing Interfaces: virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), mixed reality (MR), which link the real world with virtual elements.

Below we will analyze in detail and learn the features of VR/AR technologies:

What is VR?

VR technology is a technology that allows a user to interact with a computer simulation environment. It is mainly visual and sound based on the design of three-dimensional images on a computer screen or on specially prepared screens that enhance the effect of immersion in the computer-generated world.

The user surrounded by them, thanks to stereoscopic glasses, can interact and move in the environment created in this way. The three-dimensional perspective is constantly updated according to the user’s movement. Simulation of reality in virtual environments is currently used mainly for gaming purposes, but is also used in military and scientific research.

Live chat what is it?

The free VRChat application was released in early 2018. Initially, the program was invented only to communicate with virtual reality devices.

But VRChat has expanded its capabilities and offers users to meet in the scenery of different worlds, from a glade in the forest to the space station on Mars.

It is also noteworthy to be able to take pictures – we are talking about both classic photos and three-dimensional panoramas.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality is a system that combines a picture of the real world with objects created by a computer. Overlaying additional elements on the image from the camera must be in real time, be interactive and provide free movement of the user in three dimensions.

Augmented reality should not be limited to the image only. The real world can be enriched by computers with sound, ar glasses and even … smell. There are many areas where this reality can be used. Thanks to the appropriate technology, aircraft pilots could use the data placed on the cockpit glass to “see” the terrain even during fog. Augmented reality can also be used by tourists traveling in a foreign city looking for directions at their destination.

How does the technology work?

The technology works by entering into the field of view of the camera and the computer connected to it, previously encoded in the memory of a certain and unique form, called a marker. The camera tracks the movement of the marker in its field of view, and the computer displays in its place a 3D object generated in real time. You can see where the image is displayed, i.e. on plasma, projector image, any projection environment.

It consists of software and hardware. In the latter case, all types of smartphones and tablets can be considered the main device for access to augmented reality. Mobile gadgets have touch screens, high resolution cameras and all kinds of sensors, including GPS receivers, accelerometers, compasses. Combining all this data, special software can process the content.

What is MR?

Mixed Reality (MR) is a hybrid of AR and VR that is much more advanced than Virtual Reality because it combines several types of technologies including sensors, advanced optics and next generation computing power. All these technologies, combined in one device, will give you the ability to superimpose advanced holographic digital content in real time, creating incredibly realistic and lively scenarios.

How does it work?

Mixed Reality works by scanning your physical environment and creating a three-dimensional map of your environment so the device knows exactly where and how to place digital content in that space in real time – while allowing you to interact with it through gestures. Unlike VR, where the user is immersed in a completely different world, MR invites digital content into a real time environment, allowing you to interact with it.

What can Mixed Reality do?

Mixed Reality will not just be another advanced gaming console to play the latest version. Instead, it will add a new world of interactions, applications, games and experiences that you couldn’t even imagine. The world around you will be a whole new world with which you can play, learn, communicate and interact.